Marco and Isabella’s projects were highly recognized in Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair

In March 2019, two projects run each by Marco and Isabella were presented at Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair ( Marco presented ‘Epigenetic changes make plants tolerant to salt: a potential strategy to enhance future agricultural output’ and Isabella presented ‘ Creating a luminescent bioreporter for detection of DNT’. Marco’s project was placed in 4th in Botany and Isabella’s project was placed in 1st in Biochemistry. Congrats to both for the achievements that they have worked for a long time. Marco_2019_Alamo_small Isabella_2019_Alamo_small

New lab and new building in 2018


Kang lab has moved to Ingram building in December 2018. This brand new building has been constructed for over two years and with over $120 million in the budget. The lab is located on the fifth floor (aka the Penthouse); its location is highlighted in a blue square. Please note that you would need an access card for the floor and lab. We thank everyone involved in building construction as well as lab moving.

Isabella claimed first-place in Texas State Science Fair and advanced to Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Pittsburgh

San Marcos High School student Isabella Elmore competed and won the first place at the Texas Science and Engineering Fair’s two-day event in San Antonio the weekend of March 22. Isabella competed in the Life Science division in the category of Biochemistry. Her project is entitled “Engineering a bacterial pathogen with an enhanced luminescence reporter for a high-throughput resistance assay”.Isabella_Elmore_2018_red

Yogendra became Dr. Bordiya

Yogendra, the first Ph.D. student in the lab, successfully defended his thesis entitled “Epigenetic regulation of the defense gene induction in Arabidopsis thaliana in response to Pseudomonas syringae” on November 3, 2017. His committee consists of the following members: Dr. Dan Klessig (Cornell U.), Dr. Ping He (Texas A&M), Dr. Nihal Dharmasiri (Texas State), and Dr. Suni Dharmasiri (Texas State). We sincerely thank him for his excellent work and contribution. Yogi-Defense_2017_11