Phoenix’s science project placed second in Alamo Regional Science Fair

Phoenix, a freshmen from San Marcos High School, presented her science fair project last Friday in Alamo Regional Science Fair, entitled “CRISPR-CAS9, the most popular genome editing tool, led to a poor response to drought stress in plants:  Is CRISPR-CAS9 safe to use?”. This project was placed second and advanced to the state fair. Congrat!Phoenix

New course will be taught in 2017 – Advanced genomics and bioinformatics

Dr. Kang will teach a new graduate course, BIO7360: Advanced genomics and bioinformatics, starting Fall 2017. This course will target graduate students who has experience in basic cluster computing tools and intend to provide hands-on experience to process and analyze data produced from contemporary genomic tools. Note that BIO4480: Cytology and microtechniques, which has been open every year, will alternate with this course starting next year. Anyone interested in these two courses should plan ahead.

Dr. Sung Il Kim joined the lab

Dr. Sung Il Kim joined the lab in September as a post-doctoral fellow. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Seoul National University. He published ten peer-reviewed papers during his Ph.D training including four 1st-authored, most of which look into ubiquitin modification in plants. Kang lab members who participated in the interview unanimously found him as the best candidate among the candidate pool last year. We are very excited to have him in the lab. Welcome aboard!2016_SungIl Kim

Kang Lab and San Marcos High School are partnering to foster science fair projects.

During the summer of 2016, Mr. Stedman, AP-biology teacher, and Phoenix, a freshman, from San Marcos High School participated in summer research in Kang lab. Phoenix has generated transgenic plants carrying with CRIPSR-Cas9 constructs with help from Yogi and is characterizing these plants. This project is to test how safe this revolutionary genome editing tool is in plants.

This research activity was featured in a local newspaper:

If you are a local high school student and very motivated to learn research, please contact Dr. Kang or Mr Stedman for more details.


Mr. Stedman from San Marco High School joined to build a science fair program in the San Marcos school district.

Mr. Makr Stedman joined the lab to build a science fair program in the San Marcos school district. He is currently teaching AP-Biology at San Marcos High School. We are very excited to collaborate with him on building a science program which will benefit the local school district. He is also advising a high school student, Phoenix, who is currently generating transgenic lines to test if CRISPR-CAS9 is safe to use in eukaryotic systems.P1000078