We are looking for motivated future scientists who will assist/perform highly sophisticated molecular biology experiments and/or genome-data driven bioinformatics to address novel scientific questions in plant immunity. Currently, the following positions are available:

  • One Ph.D. student┬áposition for 2018 Spring or Fall: A candidate with strong molecular biology and/or bioinformatic background is highly desirable. A solid publication track record is preferred.
  • One MS┬ástudent position for 2017 Fall or 2018 Spring: A candidate with molecular biology and/or bioinformatics background is welcomed. A research experience for a year or longer is preferred.
  • Undergraduate volunteers: A student with strong genetics, molecular biology or bioinformatics knowledge is welcome to join the lab for exciting experience in molecular immunology/epigenomics research. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred.

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  1. Yessenia Rodriguez says:

    After this semester (Spring 2014) I will be a junior in college and I am very interested in being part of your research this summer.

  2. LINUS DELICES says:

    I’m currently a student there at TXState in a non thesis MS-Biology program and would like to more about the job opportunity and also see if I can be conceded to joint your lab.
    One Ph.D./M.S. student position for 2015 Fall

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