Dr. Sung Il Kim joined the lab

Dr. Sung Il Kim joined the lab in September as a post-doctoral fellow. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Seoul National University. He published ten peer-reviewed papers during his Ph.D training including four 1st-authored, most of which look into ubiquitin modification in plants. Kang lab members who participated in the interview unanimously found him as the best candidate among the candidate pool last year. We are very excited to have him in the lab. Welcome aboard!2016_SungIl Kim

Kang Lab and San Marcos High School are partnering to foster science fair projects.

During the summer of 2016, Mr. Stedman, AP-biology teacher, and Phoenix, a freshman, from San Marcos High School participated in summer research in Kang lab. Phoenix has generated transgenic plants carrying with CRIPSR-Cas9 constructs with help from Yogi and is characterizing these plants. This project is to test how safe this revolutionary genome editing tool is in plants.

This research activity was featured in a local newspaper: http://www.sanmarcosrecord.com/news/smhs-and-texas-state-university-partner-grant-manipulate-plant-genes.

If you are a local high school student and very motivated to learn research, please contact Dr. Kang or Mr Stedman for more details.


Mr. Stedman from San Marco High School joined to build a science fair program in the San Marcos school district.

Mr. Makr Stedman joined the lab to build a science fair program in the San Marcos school district. He is currently teaching AP-Biology at San Marcos High School. We are very excited to collaborate with him on building a science program which will benefit the local school district. He is also advising a high school student, Phoenix, who is currently generating transgenic lines to test if CRISPR-CAS9 is safe to use in eukaryotic systems.P1000078

New funding is likely coming next year (Update: It is official and coming in March 2016).

While unofficial, a new funding is expected in early 2016, which will support the research program for 5 years. More details will be provided soon.

Update: Dr. Kang received the NSF-CAREER award entitled “Characterization of epigenetic factors and their regulatory roles in modulating transposable elements, plant immunity and transgenerational inheritance”. This award will provide much needed research money for five years for many exciting experiments looking into the relationship between stress and adaptation in plants. NSF-Logo

Rebecca and Nicole presented their research progresses in Gulf coast undergraduate research symposium; Update: Nicole won the presentation award

Rebecca and Nicole presented their research in Gulf coast undergraduate research symposium hosted by Rice University. Ji Chul and April have advised their research activities over this summer. Their presentation titles are as follows:

  • Rebecca: Arabidopsis MED9, a putative mediator protein for RNA polymerase II, physically interacts with MORC1
  • Nicole: Characterization of Chromatin-Remodeling Factors In Plant Immune Responses