### Heterochromatin dynamics in response to biotic stress in plants

We are investigating the role of epigenetic factors in regulating heterochromatin dynamics during the activation of plant immunity. We utilize a wide range of systems biology tools including DNase I seq, ChIP-seq and RNA-seq to gain significant insight into the role of this exciting element of plant defense signaling.

### Evolution of plants under biotic stress

We are investigating the transgenerational adaptability/variability of plants under biotic stress. Our high-throughput disease resistance monitoring system enables us to analyze and track a large population of plants under various genetic and stress conditions.

### Characterization of the MORC1 family in plant immunity

MORC1 is the only protein known to modulate plant defense responses AND physically associate with many immune receptors, including 12 resistance (R) proteins and FLS2. MORC1 also functions as an epigenetic factor. We are further characterizing this very unique factor through a wide range of molecular approaches. For instance, we have identified 14 interacting proteins via yeast-two-hybrid screenings, most of which are putative chromatin-remodeling factors. More stories on this exciting factor are on the way!

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